Cosy London

Quality eye masks for sleep, ethically made in London

Superior Design

Cosy London sleep masks are made using only the finest fabrics, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers and an ultra thin layer of Bamboo Organic cotton blend. Our luxury eye masks are soft to the touch, light and breathable, providing oil and moisture control for the skin as well as temperature regulation.

Immersive Sleep Experience

Our masks are designed to cover the ears and eyes, for a fully immersive sleep experience. They are smooth, thin and flat, with no lumps or bumps. This provides a sense of privacy and comfort, making Cosy London the perfect eye mask for travel and sleep. 

The Perfect Fit

Using a fine and smooth Velcro we were able to create an easily adjustable, one size fits all mask that won’t snag or tangle your hair. You can fit the mask perfectly according to your preferences and size, ensuring that it won’t slip off during the night.

Light as a feather and fully immersive

Cosy London masks are perfect for travel and come with a convenient travel pouch made from organic cotton

Our masks are designed with meditation in mind, and will enhance your meditation practice by creating a soft, immersive space, allowing for a deepening experience.

Classic Tencel Lyocell Sleep Mask

Our classic Tencel Lyocell sleep mask is made from the highest quality, organic and sustainable materials in earthy colours for a soothing rest experience.


Our masks are manufactured in East London in limited edition, small batches. We proudly pay all our makers a London Living Wage

Cosy London masks are made with the highest quality, sustainable materials