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How Sleeping With An Eye Mask Drastically Improves Your Sleep


We all know that a good night's sleep is the foundation of a healthy life. How do eye masks help us to sleep better? 

Sleep masks improve our sleep by blocking out light, boosting our body’s natural melatonin, which allows us to fall asleep easier and faster. The darkness signals to our brains that it’s time for sleep and can even lengthen our REM cycle. A snugly fitted mask can keep out disturbances and create a deep touch pressure stimulation, releasing serotonin, which regulates our sleep. It is also a perfect travel companion, giving a sense of privacy during commutes and consistency when sleeping in different environments. 


Benefits to sleep routine

An eye mask for sleep helps to signal the brain that it’s time for sleep, the gentle pressure from the mask creates a soothing feeling of calm and can be very relaxing. Once we integrate the use of an eye mask into our sleep routine, our bodies start to intuitively understand that once the mask is on, it’s time to unwind.

Disturbance reduction

We don’t always go to sleep at the same time as our partners, or perhaps you work shifts and evenings and need to sleep unusual hours.  An eye mask can help by reducing or blocking out light as well as noise. When a mask covers your ears completely, like Cosy London masks, they will also gently muffle out sounds that might otherwise disturb our sleep. 

Benefits to skin

Depending on what materials your mask is made of, many eye masks for sleep are also good for the delicate skin around the eyes. When choosing a mask, look out for fabrics that are breathable and offer temperature regulation and oil control. Also pay special attention to what is used for the stuffing, as this can contribute to the breathability of the mask. Cosy London masks are made from TENCEL™ Lyocell, which offers all the benefits to the skin mentioned above, as well as being third party certified carbon neutral and biodegradable. 

Relief for migraines and headaches

When suffering from a migraine or a headache, resting in a dark environment is very soothing. An eye mask can help to relieve the pain caused by migraines, providing darkness when it may not otherwise be accessible.

Perfect for travel

Sleep and travel are often incompatible, we are out of our comfort zones and our body’s often struggle to wind down. A sleep mask is perfect to create a sense of consistency and familiarity, signaling to our brain that even though we are not in our usual space, it is time to wind down and sleep. They are also great at providing a sense of privacy during travel, on planes or long journeys when we might want to have a little nap. A good mask will come with a travel bag and should be easy to slip into your hand luggage. 


A good sleep mask can drastically improve your quality of sleep. From night time sleep to travel comfort and migraine relief, a good quality eye mask can provide comfort and consistency. Check out our Cosy London eye masks for a high quality, ethically made mask that covers your ears and eyes for the very best night sleep.

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